I am Erin Reneé

A lot has happened since I started my photography business 8 years ago.  I’ve helped hundreds of families capture important milestones in their lives, and it’s been one of the most rewarding endeavors of my life!  I’ve grown and changed a lot as a person and as a photographer and artist, and my business is past-due for a make over!

Flutterbee was the name I chose for my photography business at the beginning.  It was cute and rhymed with “photography” …a silly (but true!) reason.  The bulk of my client-base was families with young children and Flutterbee was whimsical and unique.  I will always have fun and tender memories of my time as Flutterbee Photography!

The truth is that I am Flutterbee Photography.  Me, Erin.  And now the name reflects the person behind it.  The niche I’ve carved out in the photography market is a highly individualized and exclusive portrait experience and “Flutterbee” just doesn’t fit the build anymore.  High School seniors are the focus of Erin Reneé, but I love working with brides and families as well!   The “individualized and exclusive experience” remains the same, no matter the client.  I love being part of the whole photography process…the planning, the outfits, learning each client’s unique style and intentionally incorporating it into each session…whether it’s a senior or bride or family, those things remain consistent.

Maybe it’s just a name, but it feels so good to call my business something that I feel better reflects me and the vision I have from my brand.  It feels fresh and new to step out with a new brand and a new name!  It feels like re-inventing myself, but from a place of having the experience, knowledge, and confidence in my ability to deliver something unique and worth investing in….something you can’t get anywhere else.


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